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Length: 5 Days (40 Hours)

Designed for: To certify officers as instructors  to instruct his/her personnel in their perspective departments of law enforcement. This course upon completion is for certified officers’ utilization and shall be disseminated only to law enforcement personnel.

Description: This 5 day train the trainer course covers the basic knowledge and skills necessary to utilize their body as a line of defense. Narcotics Agents are often confronted with suspects who are not armed. This course will focus on officer safety, survivalbilty, basic unarmed fundamentals, force continuum, defensive maneuvers, and more. From the uniformed officer performing drug interdiction to the deep undercover agent investigating major traffickers, this course will provide life saving skills, and allow the trainee to teach these skills to other officers. The training delivered is a force multiplier which allows officers to deliver the training at their home agency.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, each individual officer will be familiar with and able to disseminate the following principles of PEO:

  • The mind set and mental process involved in hostile environments
  • The safety aspects of weapons take away with containment techniques, and retention of his/her weapon in stressful situations for his/her own protection and the protection of others
  • The difference and recognition when to apply non-lethal, to less-lethal, to lethal force
  • Non-lethal and less-lethal measures of weapons take away with containment
  • The importance of gear familiarization.

Upon completion of this course, each individual officer will have established and be able to disseminate the theories and techniques of PEO:

  • The knowledge (mind set/mental process) in a stressful environment to adapt and utilize PEO/G.R.A.C.I.E. techniques for weapons take away with containment, control and transporting; and
  • Working in conjunction with other undercover officers and or agencies (FBI, DEA, State Agencies, etc…,) on scene.

Upon completion of this 40 Hour Course, each individual officer will be certified and knowledgeable to instruct every objective of the Unarmed Self Defense Course

Taught by retired Command Master Chief Petty Officer of Naval Special Warfare Training Center (CMC) author and inventor of the "Chalker Sling System" Dennis Chalker