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Course Length: 1 Day (8 Hours)

Designed for: Participants must be a member of a counterdrug military unit, a law enforcement officer, an officer assigned to investigate officer involved shootings, or a dispatcher assigned to emergency communications. Preference will be given to officers and agents assigned to narcotics investigations and military counterdrug personnel.

Prerequisites: None

Description: This course will discuss the physical, emotional, cognitive, social, departmental and other changes that may occur in any officer involved shooting but focus will be on drug investigator shootings. Aspects of the before, during and after of the event will be detailed. Specific instructions will be given to plain clothes and undercover personnel. Considerations of the initial investigation, follow up investigations, grand jury issues, public sentiment issues, and the welfare of the individual officer will be examined.

Other issues discussed will include evidence, interview of the shooter and witnesses, reports, news media, and return to duty.

With officer involved shootings being on the rise and with them being a controversial topic with national media, the law enforcement community should closely examine and improve its traditional approach to these events.

Taught by Tim Rutledge, RCTA Director of Training.