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Length: 4 Days (32 Hours)

Designed For: This course is designed for patrol officers, investigators, narcotics agents and military personnel.

Prerequisites: None

Description: This 32 hour course is designed to train the investigator how to investigate a drug overdose death. The course will review the epidemic that resulted from the marketing of narcotic medications by drug companies that lead to a complete upsurge in heroin/fentanyl and other narcotic use; leaving abusers trapped by the ravages of addiction. Students will understand how an addict is created and what happens physiologically as the “Death Spiral’ ensues. Students will learn the factors that lead to addiction from family history to the ‘New Normal” of neurotransmitters that increase cravings for drugs over anything else. Combinations of deadly narcotic cocktails that have resulted in death and studies that related to how we can stop this cycle of a new addicted generation will be identified. ME (Medical Examiner) Data, PDMP and “Death Diary” case examples will reinforce what is occurring in the US and what is necessary for all disciplines including law enforcement to stop the progressive numbers of deaths. Students will learn how to track prescriptions that may have caused a death to the source. Also discussed will be the prosecution of persons causing drug overdose deaths and other responses investigator may take.

Taught by: Professional Diversion Intelligence