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Length: 3 Days (24 Hours)

Designed For: This course is designed for patrol officers, investigators, narcotics agents and military personnel who are exposed to commercial motor vehicle traffic in their respective jurisdictions.    

Prerequisites: Current Law enforcement / Military, Completion of RCTA Commercial Motor Vehicle Basic course.

Description: This course is designed to advance knowledge of contraband concealments, specifically in commercial motor vehicles.  Attendees will experience an opportunity to locate the concealments on real world vehicles and actually access and remove simulated contraband from these vehicles. This will be used as a confidence building scenario that will provide them with the knowledge and confidence necessary to identify, apprehend and successfully prosecute Drug Trafficking Organizations that seek to exploit the industry for criminal gain.  This class will provide Domestic Highway Enforcement (DHE) personnel the skill set necessary to recognize the criminal element within the Transportation Industry. Attendees will be encouraged to utilize the National Seizure System (NSS) and the El Paso Intelligence Center (EPIC).

Course Objectives:

  • Review of Basic seminar to include, Industry Standards, Interviewing the CMV driver, Identifying criminal organizations that exploit the industry.
  • Current case analysis.  Video, photographs and power point presentation.
  • Understand and demonstrate proper CMV search techniques. (Hands on practical)
  • Understand the importance of complete and thorough report writing.
  • Real world analysis of commercial motor vehicles in operation on highways, truck stops, weigh scales etc.  (Where jurisdictional authority exists, actual observation of live stops, driver interviews and if applicable searches will occur.)
  • Gaining other intelligence/networking with the National Seizure System (NSS) and the El Paso Intelligence Center (EPIC)

Taught by Diamondback Specialized CMV Training, LLC.