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Length: 5 Days (44 Hours)

Designed For: This course is specifically designed for law enforcement officers and agents of any federal, state, or local agency with jurisdictions in remote settings or urban interface that participate in outdoor ops such as marijuana eradication, long term surveillance, air and marine smuggling.

Prerequisites: None

Special Requirement: Any Student who is allergic to "bee stings" are required to bring an antidote. No Exceptions!

Description: This course is designed for Law Enforcement Officers that participate in outdoor operations such as marijuana eradication, long-term surveillance, or meth lab surveillance. Students will learn mission planning, camouflage and concealment techniques, booby trap identification, movement to contact, risk assessment, land navigation, and use of a GPS.

Course Objectives:

  • Mission planning
  • Camouflage and concealment techniques
  • Booby trap identification
  • Movement to contact
  • Risk Assessment
  • Land Navigation
  • Global Positioning System (GPS)

These skills are presented in both a classroom environment and in day and night practical exercises.

Packing list for students attending this course include:

Clothing: Civilian clothing for classroom instruction. Camouflage (multicam pattern) clothing for field portion of classes. Two-three days of the class will involve overland movements through the woods. Portions of the land navigation course contain briars and streams. Be prepared to get hot, cold, wet, or all of the above. Bring at least two pairs of boots. Rain gear recommended.

Field Gear: Canteens, at least 2 1-qt or camelback device; Camouflage uniforms (multicam pattern if possible); Rucksack; Night Vision Device (NVD), pruning sheers, digital camera, camouflauge gloves, camouflauge boonie hat, facemask, camouflauge paint, and binoculors.

Some of the training days will carry on into the night. Be prepared for some extra long days. The most important thing you can bring is a GOOD ATTITUDE!

Taught by certified members of the Mississippi Counterdrug Program