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Length: 5 Days (40 Hours)

Designed for: Students who have successfully completed the Subconscious Communication® for Interview and Interrogations Basic Course conducted by Dr. Steven A. Rhoads. (Courses other than those conducted by Dr. Rhoads do not qualify for admission to this class)

Prerequisites: Interview and Interrogations Basic Course.

Description: This course builds upon the techniques and approaches presented in the Basic Course which educated the student on the use of subconscious communication for gathering information in the field of criminal justice with specific emphasis placed on those investigations involving narcotics and the possession and distribution of illegal drugs and related activities. This course is intended for students who are willing to actively participate in scenarios performed throughout the program. Students should have been actively involved in the use of the techniques and approaches presented in the basic presentation having used the material in actual contact with others. An eight hour block of instruction on Legal Issues of Interview and Interrogation is also included.

Course Objectives:

  • Techniques and approaches presented in the basic course.
  • Active participation in Interviewing and Interrogation practical exercises.
  • Critique and evaluate fellow students during exercises.
  • Build upon knowledge gained in the Basic Class.

Student Requirements:

  • Bring textbook from Basic Interview & Interrogation class

‚ÄčTaught by Chief Steve Rhoads, Ph.D. Behavioral Science President and Founder of Subconscious Communication®