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Length: 3 Days (24 Hours)

Designed For: Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement & Military Investigators/Analysts conducting financial investigations focusing on Trans-Criminal Organizations (TCO)

Prerequisites: None.

Description: This course is a three day Financial Intelligence and Counter Terrorist Financing (CTF) program.  The course is designed to be a 40/60 split between instructors delivering actual CTF case studies and the delegates working through a “live” CTF investigation.  The case studies reinforce the learning outcomes for the delegates as they enter into their own investigations within the scenario.  Using case studies drawn from best practice, each lesson within the course focuses on one or more learning points.  Teams will be tasked with analyzing, identifying and reporting back on the financial intelligence opportunities within a scenario.  Appropriate findings will result in one or more “findings.  Teams will be using documents and other aids provided and will work through a series of investigative activities.

Objectives Covered:

  • Identifying the stages of terrorist activity, such as PPF (Planning, Procurement, and Funding), through the analysis and monitoring of actual terrorist bank account records and transactions.
  • Utilizing financial intelligence methods to recognize the radicalization process of a jihadist and the red flags that indicate an imminent threat of a terrorist act, through effective monitoring and recognition.
  • Leveraging terrorist financing case studies that teach situational awareness techniques in analysis, critical thinking, and investigation skills.
  • Examining the material and financial intelligence leads gathered from terrorist operational sites and understanding their impact on identifying the threat
  • Engaging in knowledge transfer sessions with CTF Investigators

Taught by The Analysis International Group.