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Length: 1.5 Days (12 Hours)

Designed for: Law Enforcement Officers who prepare search warrants that will withstand any court scrutiny

Prerequisites: None

Description: This course will teach the law/drug enforcement officer how to properly prepare a search warrant that will withstand any court scrutiny. The course will discuss constitutional law, common law, and statutory requirements for a warrant and an in-depth discussion of case law will be included.

Course Objectives:

  • Purpose of a Search Warrant
  • Basis for the affidavit
  • Probable Cause
  • Contents of the warrant (person and place to be searched, property to be seized, etc...)
  • Types of search warrants (drugs, property, etc...)
  • Knock and notice requirements
  • Filing a return with the court
  • When warrants are not required


Taught by Mr. Tim Rutledge, RCTA Director of Training & former Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics Agent