Peer Support

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Length: 4 Days ( 32 Hours)

Designed For: Law Enforcement Officers, Trainers, Supervisors, and Dispatchers

Prerequisites: Students must be law enforcement officers or dispatchers.

Description: This course is designed to teach officers not just how to survive, but how to live. Students will learn overall officer survival, survival stress, coping with shootings, dealing with department stress, family stress survival, defusings and debriefings. Applicable for Military and LE alike for high risk CD operations.

Course Objectives:

  • Why Peer Support?
  • Officer Survival
  • Survival Stress
  • Officer Involved Shootings
  • Department Stress
  • Family Stress Survival
  • Defusings
  • Debriefings/Counseling Sessions
  • Communication Skills
  • Line of Duty Deaths
  • Chaplains
  • Recognizing Mental Disorders
  • Confidentiality

Taught by RCTA Director Of Training Mr. Tim Rutledge.