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Length: 10 Days (80 Hours)

Designed For: Law enforcement officers, investigators, military or supervisors who use, or supervises those who use audio, RF and video surveillance equipment in support of undercover drug investigations/operations

Prerequisites: None

Description: This course is designed to teach the attendee how to use, or supervise the deployment and use of covert technical audio, RF and video surveillance equipment systems in support of undercover drug operations.  In order to support federal, state and local drug law enforcement operations with electronic/technical surveillance devices, but can also be utilized in a broad spectrum of operations and promotes interoperability within law enforcement and military operations.

Course Objectives:

  • How to use, or supervise covert surveillance equipment systems
  • Provide specific technical knowledge and hands-on-the-equipment operator skills
  • Provide the skills to consistently produce “real-world” evidence quality recordings of actual drug transaction crimes in-progress
  • Program will focus on audio, RF and video surveillance equipment and techniques
  • Each student is strongly encouraged to bring existing department-owned surveillance equipment/systems
  • Each student will also receive a specifically designed 12-piece technical surveillance tool kit which will be used throughout the course and be kept by the officer to use upon return to his or her agency

Taught by Technical Surveillance Sciences, Inc.