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Length:  3 days (24 hours)

Designed For: This course is designed to meet the immediate training needs of law enforcement personnel who have been recently assigned to drug law enforcement units, divisions, or task forces

Prerequisites: Preference will be given to law enforcement personnel who have investigative duties relating to drug law enforcement.

Description: This course is arranged to achieve the maximum student orientation to the fundamental duties and responsibilities of a narcotics investigator. The skills learned in this course will: disrupt the operations of national/transnational criminal organizations and networks; limit their access to funding; reduce assets and raise their cost of operations & funding.

Course Objectives:

  • Identify drug enforcement strategies that work and those that do not work
  • Learn integrity issues and ethical dilemmas faced by drug law enforcement officers
  • Drug recognition, to include history and development of drugs, the Controlled Substances Act, and an orientation to the categories of drugs, and drug schedules.
  • Search and Seizure laws designed for the narcotics investigator who needs clear and concise answers to questions about warrantless search and seizure laws.
  • Overall review of the requirements of the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendments.
  • Learn to write search warrants to include how search warrants may or must be obtained, the scope of a search pursuant to a warrant, the seizure of evidence, and post-seizure requirements.
  • Learn development, management and control of Informants
  • Learn the critical issues of working undercover to include techniques, undercover identity, operational plans, and the pitfalls prevalent in undercover operations.
  • Learn well-settled methods, techniques, and procedures that are utilized to help ensure the objectives and functions of physical surveillance activities.
  • Learn how to plan a raid.
  • Learn how to prepare for trial and give courtroom testimony.

Taught by Mr. Tim Rutledge, RCTA Director Of Training & former Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics Agent