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Length: 3 Days (24 Hours)

Designed For: This course is designed for police officers, deputy sheriffs, and all criminal justice personnel, who are exposed to street gangs and outlaw motorcycle clubs.    

Prerequisites: All students must have completed the Gangs and Drugs course.

Description: This course examines advanced issues from the Gangs and Drugs course (which is a pre-requisite), national update by regions, definitions, marketing the gang member, advanced graffiti and tattoo recognition, preparing a case file, cultivating gang informants, gang intelligence, utilizing social networks, and surveillance on gangs while trafficking in drugs. Emphasis will be placed on officer safety, including counter-ambush tactics to evade assassination. Part of this course includes practical exercises for officers conducting drug trafficking investigations on gang members, whether in uniform or plain clothes.

Course Objectives:

  • Introduction to Advanced Gang Course
  • National updates by regions
  • Marketing the gang member
  • Advanced graffiti and tattoo recognition
  • How to prepare a case file
  • Cultivating gang informants
  • Expert court testimony
  • Gang intelligence
  • Surveillance
  • Interviewing gang members

Taught by Det. Frederick A. (Tony) Avendorph (Retired), Tony Avendorph Associates, LLC