K-9 Synthetic Opioid / Fentanyl Safety & First Aid

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Length: 1 Days (8 Hours)

Designed For: This course is specifically designed for law enforcement officers and agents of any federal, state, or local agency with jurisdictions that participate in search warrants, interdiction, traffic stops, and other counterdrug                                 enforcement measures.    

Prerequisites: None

Description:    Participants will learn the origin of Fentanyl, Carfentanil and other synthetic opioids and the purpose for their original use.  Students will learn the potency and dangers of Fentanyl and Carfentanil by use of pictures and                           diagrams. Students will learn how to conduct searches that are safe for themselves and their K-9 partners. Students will learn how to identify signs of Synthetic Opioid overdose and the proper procedure for treating K-                           9s that have come in contact with dangerous opioids, such as CPR, how to start an IV, and proper use of a canine IV line. The class will consist of a Power-Point presentation and hands on training with a licensed                                   veterinarian and the student’s K-9s.


Taught by Ricky Farley and Dr. Jimmy Canant