Female Basic Undercover Operations

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Length: 5 Days (40 Hours)

Designed For: This course is designed for all Female active sworn and certified state or local law enforcement officers.

Prerequisites: None

Description: This course is designed to teach the importance of mental toughness, officer survival, report writing, audio/video surveillance, drug informant management, and courtroom presentation.  Students will learn the skills necessary to work in an undercover capacity for any environment including but not limited to human trafficking, illegal weapons, and illicit drugs.  Students will learn to penetrate national/transnational criminal organizations (TOC) to eventually disrupt their operations and networks, limit their access to funding, reduce their assets, and raise the cost of doing business.

Course Objectives:

  • Technical equipment
  • Evidence
  • Report writing
  • Drug recognition/testing
  • CI Management to include buys
  • Case presentation
  • Courtroom testimony
  • Rips
  • Reverses
  • Buy walks
  • Vice operations
  • Arrest/search warrants
  • Surviving critical incidents


  • Weapon(s), holster(s) and any props that you would use in an undercover situation.
  • No ammunition needed for the weapon(s) portion.
  • Appropriate, casual street attire should be worn and have various clothing styles available, keeping in mind weapon concealment options.
  • Concealable body armor