Advanced Undercover Operations

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Length: 5 Days (48 Hours)

Designed For: This course is designed for all active sworn and certified state or local law enforcement officers & military personnel.

Prerequisites: Students must have completed the RCTA Basic Undercover Operations Course. 

Description: Infiltration into drug organizations and transnational criminal organizations has become a lost skill. This course will teach officers how to successfully infiltrate these orgaizations safely and with prosecutorial success. This Course will assist each student in becoming a well-rounded undercover agent who can work in virtually any undercover role of the criminal and drug world. This course builds on principles learned in the Basic Undercover Class  and is primarily scenario based. Students will learn undercover survival skills to survive life threatening real life situations. Students will learn how to mentally record evidence, memorize descriptions of suspects, and testify in court with these skills.


  •  Concealable body armor


Taught by Dave Redemann, Police Training Institute