Emergency Narcotics Operations

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Length: 5 days (48 hours)

Designed For: All narcotics officers from those that just began their narcotics career to the most senior narcotics investigator.

Prerequisites: None.

Description: The course contains instruction and practical scenarios that address open fields, vehicle and structure problems. The execution of emergency entries with little or no prior planning will be examined, as well as other emergency operations that require quick decision making on the part of the cover team in the field.

Equipment Needs:

  1. Department issued vehicle
  2. Handcuffs or flex cuff type restraints
  3. Suitable clothing and footwear for tactical training
  4. Inclement weather clothing
  5. Body armor/raid vest/ballistic vest
  6. Duty Holster/Belt
  7. Magazine pouches
  8. Flashlight

Optional Equipment:

  1. Eye protection
  2. Ballistic shield
  3. Entry tools